Standards Update: API 623 Globe Valve 2nd Edition

Cover for API 623

API 623: Steel Globe Valves – Flanged and Butt welding Ends, Bolted Bonnets

Publication Status: Passed final technical re-circulation ballot and going into editing.

As of July 21, 2020, the second edition of API 623 standard for globe valve have passed the final balloting and has moved unto API editing. The standard update is expected to be published in 2020 or early 2021. It should be noted that monogrammed manufacturers only have a 6 month grace period after the standard publishes to come into compliance. The updated standard seek to align the standard with API 600 and incorporates group 3 nickle based alloy materials as well as mandating body guiding for globe valves across the board.

Task Force Makeup

  • Task Force Lead
    • Stephen McJones – BP
  • Task Force Members
    • Loic Deneuville – Total
    • Larry Skoda – Chevron
    • Bill Patrick – Dow Chemical
    • Lee Fang – FBV Valve
    • Engin Gulgun – International Standard Valve, Inc.
    • Willard Painter – Powell Valves
    • Kay Peters – Edward L. Haile and Associates, Inc.
    • Alberto Rossi – Orion Valve
    • Terry Blacker – Becht Engineering (Former ExxonMobil)
    • Carlo Moretta – Valvosider SRL
    • Mike Donoghue – Powell Valves
    • Jim Pease – YDF
    • Ron Merrick – Flour (Retired)
  • Guests
    • James Hebert – Chevron
    • Luke Chou – ValveHax

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