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ValveHax specializes in fast turn-around of teardown and evaulatino of problematic valves without losing critical information for both the end-user and manufacture. Reports can be generated either in standard formatting or custom as desired.

Leveraging testing labatory and NDE's, material may be additionally scrutinized mechanically, chemically, etc for further evaulation of difficult root-cause evaulations. Recommendation to manufacturing design, process, and user commisioniong and maintenance are provided to prevent future failre re-occurance.

ValveHax have experties in lean manufacturing methodologies, quality system management, compliance management, valve type testing etc. Contact us today to see what we can do to augment your existing abilities.

Valve Supplier Information

We work with valve manufactures to consolidate and validate information to maintain and validate their contact information, product offerings, manufacturing locations, and major sourcing and qualification documentations.

Index Price Update (August, 2022)

By Luke C | October 10, 2022
Iron and Steel Scrap In August Iron and steel scrap index pricing continue to fall from an all time high of 859 in April 2022 to 563 in August 2022. equivalent to pricing from April of 2018, peak pricing before…

Common Valve Storage and Preservation Issues

By Luke C | January 10, 2022
Proper valve storage, preparation and handling is key to preventing damage and corrosion to the valve to ensure proper delivery to client.

The NACE Compliant Valve

By Luke C | January 3, 2022
It is important to know what it means when NACE is requested and what is required of the material. NACE MR0103 and its requirement is reviewed