2020 API Fall Meeting Update

Meeting Going Virtual

Edit: Updated Oct 12, 2020 Meeting not free for non-committee member

The Bi-annual API Refining and Equipment Standards Meeting have was cancelled in the spring of 2020. However, an update have been formalized as of August 28, 2020. The 2020 API fall meeting will be in all virtual format. The “meeting” will be held over a 2 weeks period on the week of November 9, 2020 and November 16, 2020.

If you are previous registered, the extra cost can be refunded with a cutoff date of November 6, 2020. Early Registration is due by November 2, 2020.

As of today, there are no “sign up” nor “payment” posted, it may be that there will be no cost required to participate in these meetings. The meeting will be free for current commitee members and up to 250 USD for non members. If the format goes well, it may very well change how future participants attend API standard meeting for those company who have travel restriction or budget constrictions. Looking forward to hearing everyone at the 2020 api fall meeting!

2020 API Meeting Questions?

Refining Standards Committees: David Miller, 202-682-8159 or miller@api.org; Christopher Hughes, 202-682-8151 or hughesc@api.org 
Refining Standards Committee Information: Kierra Beliveau, 202-682-8565, beliveauk@api.org
Refining Subcommittee and the API/AFPM Operating Practices Symposium: Andrew Broadbent, 202-682-8519 or broadbenta@api.org
Logistical Information: Arnetta Smith, 202-682-8149 or smitha@api.org
Registration: Brittany Ellis, 202-682-8195 or Michael Viola, 202-682-8194 both at registrar@api.org

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